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Lets start with the cons.. Or rather a rant. After I bought the car, I would hit the unlock button within 3 feet of the door and just after I would pull it open, I could hear the warning chime but only for a split second. After observing a little closer, the chime is obviously tied to the exterior light circuit and for some reason, not separate from the keyless entry system. Furthermore, all the dash lights including the radio and ambient lights flash. My console lights have just started showing symptoms of the dimming or flickering issue and I'm beginning to think this is why. Those transistors may be burning up over time from the frequent, sudden and short duration of the loads especially when you hit the unlock button twice before the lights finish one flash cycle. One other issue I would like to blame the keyless entry for is the shortened life of the door lock actuators. Even in the locked or unlocked position, they still attempt to function. With the very basic design of the actuators, I am not surprised that those little motors burn up after a short time.

Now on the bright side, I do like few features. I like that the doors will re lock automatically if a door is not opened since there are times when I have accidentally pushed a button on my remote. I usually check or hit the lock button just in case but it is an extra peace of mind kind of thing. I also like that all the exterior lights flash when the remote is used. It's a good "light check" before driving each night and risking a traffic stop for one burned out bulb..

Ok, I think that's all. You are all welcome to chime in if you would like!
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