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Labor day weekend meet okc?

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Well after the last meet. PCN, another guy, and I decided to try and have another meet on laborday weekend.

So well just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in it.

Location: meeting on sw15 by dell. There is a side parking lot
Time: Prob sat or sun that week
What we doing: Hanging out, mayb go to park an cook otc, etc this is up in the air atm.
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No love for oklahomies ):
ATM the plan is the sunday of laborday weekend
So this is the plan so far...

Meet date & time: Sunday 09/04/2011 @ 1 PM

Meeting place: Hooters - 3025 NW Expy, OKC, OK

Post Grub Tom Foolery: Stars & Stripes Park -NW 73rd st & S. Lake Hefner dr. Portland Ave. goes right into the park

Con't-Post Grub Tom Foolery: go-cart action at Pole Position - 2905 NW 36th St, OKC, OK
show this weekend hope to see you guys!
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