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After long searching the deep and dark internets i have yet to find the following. I am searching for the best car shades for our much loved TSX. Most of the them have a two piece rear window which does not look really good. And use plastic brackets with sticky tape to make it fit.

I found the following website and i think and hope that you will like the products as well.

These shades use magnets to stick to you car, and not only giving your car the cool "VIP":+1: look but also keeping your car cooler. In return saving petrol for not using the AC that much.

Now for the down side of the story they are yet to make the TSX / JDM/EDM Accord version. Would like to motivate them to make this. And we need to use the TSXclub community to do this.

Please go the following website and request the TSX to be added the product list.

It should help to note to them that the TSX has a brother in the form of the JDM/EDM Accord version. So that they know that they are getting three models for the development cost of one!

So please enter the following
Make: Acura / Honda
Model: TSX / JDM/EDM Accord
Style: Sedan
Year: TSX '04~"08 / Accord '03~'07

Model Request Page

maybe Marcus from heel and toe automotive will be so kind to take our money ;) and take care of the distribution.

Thanks in advance

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I also think this product doesn't make sense. Tint is even cheaper than this and you can lower your windows. Doesn't look like you can lower your windows at all with this product. Sure it's nice to have it removable, but having to set it up in all window is sort of a hassle. $180 tint all around and $8 sunshade from Costco keeps my car cool enough.

Not trying to bash on you at all OP. You found a very interesting product but the price is definitely turning me off. The only thing I need from that company is a solid windshield sunshade that is the perfect fit for the TSX. Other than that I don't want the other shades since I have tint.

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yes, i would love a perfectly cut windshield shade that doesn't require me putting down the visors everytime... but with my current setup for $5 i'm not complaining much. car stays plenty cool with the sunroof closed and my tint and the reflective shade
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