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Cars Get 'Wireless' Makeover

NEWS: Most Cars and Phones Can Now Be Connected by Wireless Technology

NEW YORK, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- With 31 states either outlawing or
considering a ban on cell phone use in a car without a hands-free device, the
cell phone and automobile industry turned the negative into a positive bottom
line. The latest cars on the market are already equipped with "Bluetooth" --
a wireless technology that uses short-wave radio to connect your phone to your
car without cables.
With a Bluetooth-enabled phone, your car automatically recognizes your
phone and takes the call over when you get in, letting you go hands-free. Or
if you are driving, the car responds with voice activation and acts like the
phone ... you can call out or answer a call as long as the cell phone itself
is anywhere in the car -- even the trunk. Certain models from major
manufacturers -- Acura, DaimlerChrysler, Lincoln, BMW, Toyota, Lexus, Jeep and
Dodge -- all currently have this technology as an option.

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I had Bluetooth when I owned the TL, and have to say I really liked it :thumbsup:
Only problem is that I have Sprint, and they only offer one Bluetooth phone (Sony Ericsson T608). I had nothing but problem's with that phone :(
Joker - who went back to his Samsung A500, and loves it :D
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