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Legalis R Exhaust

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Does anyone know if you can purchase just the mufflers themselves?

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I believe it's sold as a complete set only.
Appreciate that. I figured that's how it was but Damn I don't need pretty pipe no one is gonna see....I just want a quite non rice exhaust and it seems to be the only one.

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^I know sound is extremely subjective....but give the apexi WS2 a shot. All the youtube videos Ive found they sounded loud/like shit..mainly because there is no standard for mic used, camera placement from exhaust...etc.

but in person, I think its too quiet lol. It has a nice deep tone I guess. In my case though I am running stock header and cat (06), so if you plan on running more aftermarket exhaust components, things may change..

Come to think of it, any JASMA certified exhaust should be what youre looking for, regardless of opinions nd youtube videos. Gl.
I just want quiet. To me the car is a luxury car first but at this point I sound like a 18yr olds wet dream. Right now I have intake, rbc, si VTC, to weapon r header to custom magnaflow exhaust w two tube mufflers split to two rectangular mufflers. I love the power just hate the amount of sound created. I have entirely too much invested in a system to have it destroyed at 70+mph.

I'm wondering if I can find American mufflers built similar to the legalis r. The system is very nice but I just won't spend the cash for the "kit" when I already have the piping.

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same boat as you man. I'm thinking about have a 3" header back made with maybe borla muffler and have 2 possible 3 large resonators made up. if i get this done withing the next month or so I will definitely have sound clips up.
I had a friend suggesting borla. Please share when you have it done and what it costs you.

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It's also on the list of possibles. Any info or experience people can add please feel free. I have a little one on the way and want to be able to ride w it sleeping lol.

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I will be getting one in the near future. I'll have a update on my build thread.
One what? What do you have now?

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i feel your pain.

i went to the exhaust shop last week to try and make mine quieter.

i decided not to start chopping it up and changing the mufflers. as i might have paid money for nothing to happen. im just gunna buy some silencers to go in the end.

highway driving does my head in!
Same here I did about 400 miles this past week and I was a prisoner to my exhaust system.

Anyone tried adding resonators?

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dunno if your into big cans but greddy is pretty quiet.i have a Greddy Evo i dont feel is loud at highway we have similar mods. if u stil have your stock resonator might quiet it down a bit
For anyone else that stumbles across this, I received an email from tein today and they said that fujitsubo will not send out any unfinished metals. Soooo if your looking for this kit your pretty much up shits creek.

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