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Less known cars that are modded

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Ok, sorry if this is a strange thread and the title may seem confusing, but let me explain... So we all see a lot of certain cars that are modded (i.e. STi's, Evo's, FD's, etc.). I'm wondering if people have pics of cars not normally modded (i.e. Mitsubishi Gallants, Acura RLs, Crown Victorias, etc.) but are modded well.

I'll share first:

Dope Mitsubishi Gallant

Slammed Crosstour

Get the idea?
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No pic but my buddy has got a Fiero swapped with a V6 35O, supercharged. We were headed home from lunch one day and the drinks were a little too strong so he let me drive. Pulled up on a Z06 Vette, he gave me the go ahead and I put 2 cars lengths on the Vette haha. Also raced an Evo who said he's never seen a set of tail lights, Fiero put bus lengths on it hahahaha silly Evo's. It's a fun car. S/C motor + light weight Fiero = ultimate sleeper haha
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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