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Let the Bargaining Begin

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Well I have had Acuras for 10 years now and they are very dependable.I had CL,Integra etc and now want the TSX. Sticker reads 26,490.00. I test drove it yesterday and it is a very nice car.This price includes everything except navigation-that is what I like about acuras-they usually come loaded and you don't have to "build" them. Anyway-this is not a race car-but-how about that autotransmission that is also a straight -I forget what it is called anyway I tested an auto and you can tap the stick and change gears too. I'm sold on it but now the fun begins.Trying to find a dealer that will lower the sticker some. Got any ideas? I guess I will pay full because it is new.Many car buying websites don't even have it listed. Acura has a hot one one their hands and I think they know it. The CL i think is going out and 5,000 more anyway. Are there any dealers out there willing to make a deal on one within 300 miles of East Tennessee????????
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