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Lexus IS-F Build Thread - Wheel Pictures Page 6 - 7.13.2011

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UPDATE: This started off as a thread just about my trip through the Blue Ridge Parkway but I am going to try and keep everything for this car in one place so I am going to turn it into my build thread as well.

Well two weekends I went home to my parents to shoot a car a friend was building for SEMA. On the way I decided to take a small detour for about 2 hours onto a section of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was my first time driving it and I have to say it was absolutely beautiful since the leaves were beginning to change.

The road was a great drive as well however with reading about how large the fines are being National Park Roads I decided to stay relatively close to the speed limit. The traffic was pretty minimal on the road as well so I was definitely able to enjoy it and the F was absolute blast.

I took some pictures of both the amazing scenery as well as got some good shots of the F as well.

Pics of the F with the amazing fall back drop.

Like I said I was going home to shoot my friends SEMA build car in hope that we will be able to get it featured after it is debuted at SEMA. When I went out to scout some locations for the shoot I used the F to test the lighting and actually got some good shots that were all done in only like 5min of walking around checking out the two locations I had in mind.

First pic is of the gf wishing we were doing something else rather than driving around checking out shoot locations. Actually she was a good sport since we hung out at the shop for 90% of the weekend so I could continue to shoot the build process I had started shooting the weekend before till they finished on Sunday.

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colors are oversaturated in almost all of them, but good eye.
a suggestion for road shots, use the wide angle in a vertical position and then crop the warp/bends in post processing to your liking. gives a nice feeling to pictures like that.
Yeah I am sure the colors are all out of wack. I am processing lately on my laptop which is calibrated but still not really that great. My desktop has been out of commission for a while which is what I normally edit on with two calibrated 23in Apple Cinema displays which are amazingly color true for LCDs. I really need to stop putting it off and take time and get it back up and running.
lol? selling pictures to lexus.
what body are you shooting on these days jason?
yeah I wish I was good enough to shoot for lexus :sad:

I am still shooting with the my D300. I would love to upgrade to a D700 but I have invested way to much in Nikon Digital Specific glass and don't shoot for profit enough or hardly ever right now to try and even partially absorb the cost. So at this point it will be my body until a D300 replacement comes out. Which will hopefully have 1080p video as well and be out by around summer. If the D7000 was any idea of what should be in the D300 replacement then things are looking great I think.
Yeah me too:laugh:

Define your use of "relatively" in that sentence.
10mph over. I think one time I let it rip for a second to 15mph over.
Well I think I will turn this into a build thread for the IS-F since I can't really put it in the TSX section obviously.

I have done a couple basic changes that won't be detailed below. I switched out the fog bulbs for Nokya Yellow ones, 35% tint all around, and I deleted the mufflers and 2nd set of cats from the exhaust however a true dual exhaust is currently on order as its made to order.

Now onto some other mods with pics.

Well guess I have a small update for this. I have picked up an ipod interface for the F and normally I would never post about anything like this because honestly who cares but this is the best ipod integration piece I have honestly ever seen for a car. It made by a company called VaisTech and the unit is called the ML+. You don't ever need the ipod to control it and the display output is amazing. Also instead of being regular analog audio signal it is full digital over USB instead and it is extremely obvious how much better the quality is over regular ipod interfaces at least to me.

Main menu looks just like the ipod

Album menu

Songs menu

Song Playing

Audio Controls

Can play movies from the ipod

Nicely tucked away in the armrest where it stays unless you want to play a movie which is the only part that can't be controlled from the screen.

Also I have been getting the mod bug lately and it has been hard to stay away so I figured why not try something out that I already have. So I decided to test fit the Junction Produce Scara wheels I have the TSX just sitting in the basement on the F. First off please excuse the filth on the car. I had just made a 7 hour trip from NC to PA a day earlier and the temps in PA were not meant for washing cars. Also obviously if I would ever actually put these on the car I would lower the car before hand as well.

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New Exhaust: ISS Forged Track Exhaust

So I received my ISS Forged Track Exhaust this past Tuesday and went about installing it that night.

Took me a long 5 hours but that is mainly from having to craw out from under the car so many times due to only have about 14-16in of clearance under it with jack stands. The exhaust was however very easy to install though and looks absolutely amazing. The most difficult part of the exhaust install is removing the factory exhaust tip/air diffusers. Pretty sure it was expected your would remove the bumper to take these off but I didn't want to do that. If you have average size hands or smaller though and a ratchet wrench not socket you should be able to do it. Also make sure to get your self an exhaust hanger tool as some of the hangers are a *****. The muffler hangers are the worst but luckily since I had mine removed the new hangers were easy to get off. For doing it with jack stands I suggest bolting the two middle sections together first and then raising the back half up and hooking it into the exhaust hangers. then use your jack as a lift about placed in about the middle to light the exhaust into place so that way it is held there and you can easily connect the bolts.

I am hoping the including gaskets were to go between the first and second pipes of the exhaust and the connection to the factory header was to use the original factory gaskets. I hope this is right so I don't possibly have an exhaust leak. I don't have a check engine light so I don't think so but the exhaust is definitely louder than stock exhaust with the secondary cats and mufflers removed. There is definitely a good bit of drone between 1-2k rpm but I am hoping this is because its new and because the mufflers need to break in and should quiet up after a few hundred miles. I have had this experience with exhausts on other cars so I hope it will be the same here. If it doesn't tone down a little headers will definitely be out unless I switch to the street version mid pipe.

Well without any more waiting time for some pics and videos.

The packages and all the parts unpacked

Modified Factory Exhaust with 2nd Cat and Muffler Deletes

Essential exhaust hanger tool

My work space for the evening

Removal begins

Unwrapped front and mid section

Heatshield piece that needs to be removed

X-pipe close-up

Front and mid section connected ahead of time. Only way I could really figure out how I was going to do it with jack stands. Also not sure how easy it would be to get to the one top bolt in the middle if it was installed in pieces on the car.

My method for installing with only one person. Actually worked even better than I had thought. Once the two pieces were bolted together I lifted the rear up and into the rubber hangers. Then raised the front into place with the jack. Also made it easy to put the bolts into place since I didn't have hold it at the same time.

Gaskets between front and mid pipes. Hopefully these were for the header to exhaust connection. I used the factory gaskets.

One side bolt on rear air diffusers

Top bolt on rear air diffusers. Hardest bolt to get off.

Tips protected from scratches during shipping

Inside mufflers
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Love these exhaust tips

Clamps for muffler connection

Finally installed

I will have to get some day time pictures later on maybe this weekend but I haven't had anytime yet.

Video Comparrision of 2nd cat & muffler delete and ISS Forged Track Exhaust.

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Exhaust looks awesome, the Ipod integration with the song menu is a really nice feature, too bad its full of a bunch of garbage pop music. :p
Desktop dead so haven't been able to upload my 32GBs of music to it. Only a couple albums I have on my laptop. The DVD changer though is filled with DVD-A discs which include Metallica, Disturbed, Stained, Linkin Park, Beatles, Beach Boys, Led Zepplin.
man, i just love the F. it's got such a great mix of performance and luxury features... and the new exhaust looks really good too.

hehe, if you ever decide the Scara's don't look good and want to get rid of them let me know :laugh:
Haha you like the 20th person that wants to be on that list
:eek:hsnap: (f)(l)(a)(
Nothing personal just so many people tell me they want them if I am selling.
Can't decide on just replacing front two tires or getting new wheels. If new wheels I still have to narrow down which three or should I just invest the money.

Two new front tires $600 shipped.

New Wheels $4200 shipped.

Trying to decide between the Spyder, FM-10, and RX-10. Wheel finish would be brushed aluminum with matte clear with Clear coated high polish lips. Possibly considering chrome lips as well which is what all pictured have but I have normally hated chrome.




I have the race look on the TSX so for the F I definitely want to go for the up scale exotic sport look.

So you guys think the FM-10 look the most Upscale then.

FM-10 on IS350

FM-10 on IS-F (Shitty pic I know but only one that exists)

Spyder on IS-F
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Ok well trying to visualize the wheels on the IS-F was starting to annoy me so I went and did some chops of the wheels on the car. I have a few more angles to do but for now this makes it a bit easier at least. Unfortunately I couldn't find a set with the 40 bolts around the lip which is what I would get if I got the FM-10.

Spyder - Matte Brushed Finish

Spyder - Gloss Gunmetal Finish

FM-10 - Silver, Flat Lip, 20 Bolts

FM-10 - Brushed, Step Lip, 20 Bolts

RX-10 - Matte Gunmetal

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I actually prefer the look of the stock exhaust over the new one but the sound is epic. The wheels you posted earlier I hope are just a joke though because they look terrible vs the oem ones. If I had that car I wouldn't do much to the exterior because it you'll take away the identity of the is-f and it will just start looking like a modified IS250.
The set of wheels I tested on the car was a joke yes. Well you will loose a little of the identity but that badging will still be there as will the fenders. Only thing I really plan to do to this car would be wheels, suspension, exhaust. No other exterior changes really. Although when someone tries to run you on the highway thinking it is an IS350 the results are hilarious.
Holy shit those are some good chops, I like the matt brushed Spyders, but the RX-10s are a very close second.
Thanks. I can't take all the credit thougb cause a huge part of a good chop is having great quality photos from all angles to be able to pull wheels from. ISS Forged has an awesome selection of pictures on there flickr page. It was definitely still about 2 hours of work but the results are that much more realistic cause of the photos.

I am leaning the same way on ruling out the FM-10 so far after just finishing the chops. The RX definitely moved into a tie for first after being in 3rd before.
I say keep the stock wheels and lower the car, it will look 10x better. Love the way things are going with the car. I was hoping that you would mod this one too. As for the exhaust, it looks better than it sound. Maybe with the cats it would be more smooth. But to each his own, and I really enjoy reading your threads.

As for the wheels I think that something concave is in order, lip are kinda played out. Something like the AME FS01 in 18x10 would look dope or some FIVE:AD . But again thats just me. I'm sure anything you choose will look amazing.
I definitely like the stock wheels as well and the thought has crossed my mind to do just that and lower on stocks. However I would need to run spacers then cause the front wheels sit in about 20mm from flush and the rears about 15mm from flush.

Also definitely don't want to go 18s as the stocks are 19s. Only certain 18s fit as well since the brakes are 14.2in in the front.

Personally like the RX-10s and the Spia in the GT series. Both have a modern feel which would look sick on the flowing body of the F. Brushed or same color of the stockies. Or what EuroRspec said. Keep the stockies and lower it. I love those stock wheels. Look sick on the TSX too. But love the way the car is coming along. Exhaust sounds wicked, cant wait to see you tough out the Spring Fever without something new. haha
Definitely will either be a brushed or a stock like color for sure. Thinking of doing the brushed first and then down the road I can just have the centers redone.

Yeah definitely going to be hard with all the car meets picking up and the TSX out of commision right now to not get some more things going on the IS-F.
Haha I just went back a reread everyone's posts and you all don't help haha. You mention you like both the RX-10 and the Spyders which I am in the same bought about still and haven't been able to decide.

Ok finally made my decision on whees and ordered them about 2 weeks ago finally. Specs are 20x9 front and 20x11 rear. You guys will have to wait until they get here to see which set I finally decided to go with. Hopefully they will be here during the week of April 11th as I need them for an even on April 17th.

I am ordering coilovers today or tomorrow and then need to try an get the rear fenders rolled before that event as well or else I am going to have to leave the car at stock height for the time being on the wheels so I don't rub.
Well the tires on the IS-F weren't going to cooperate for me I guess. One front looks like this one week before my wheels will be here.

So I had to do this for the time being. Funny cause this is what my IS-F in Forza looks like.

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Next Week :ninja:
Went and did a shoot the other day since it was really nice out. They kinda look cool but are definitely to small and not flush enough. I do like how it lowers the overall height of the car. I had more pics of them that I was going to edit as well but the new wheels are here and about ready to install them so I guess I will just post them now.

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