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We will be having a Meet Oct 21st At Liberty State Park. Starts at 12:00pm and will end with a photoshoot of all our cars with the NYC skyline at night.

I know I am not active on these forums but I am active on (Controllingzine) and this meet is open for all Acura owners. It has been posted on Controllingzine and ClubRSX, we are expecting a LARGE turnout.

Please bring some items for the can be anything, sodas, food, utensils, napkins, etc.

Acura featured our last meet and we all had a blast, here is link for you guys to check it out.*********-summer-bbq-new-jersey/
(To check out the pictures replace ***** in the link with A-C-U-R-A-Z-I-N-E)

I hope to see many TSX present!

In addition to this meet, we have local Acura meets every tuesday night in Edison, NJ. Anyone is welcome to join. We don't like Controllingzine much due to the controlling mods so we made our tristate facebook group....I know it has the name Controlingzine in it but we have many Honda/Acuars owners present. Feel free to join! Log In | Facebook

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