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Limited Aperture X Import Fashion X Models: Downtown LA ( Shoot + Video )

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Update: A little video that Limited Aperture threw together for the shoot!
Limited Aperture x Import Fashion DTLA Morning Session
( Click it )
Yes in the video it shows me wiping sweat off my head. Toward the end of the morning it got really hot =[

This past Sunday, my company Import Fashion teamed up with Limited Aperture for a little Sunday Morning Shoot.

Featured cars are staff cars, and we've got something for everyone...

Me ( Event Coordinator ): TSX
Luigi ( Operations Manager ): S2000
Alvin ( CEO and Founder ): Pink G
Erick ( Event Coordinator ): White G
Tri ( Security ): Civic
Steve ( Talent Coordinator ): CL

Also featured 4 of our models:
Amy Ames ( Black and white cocktail dress )
Raichelle Viado ( Black top, beige dress + Blue cocktail dress )
Melanie Mac ( Black Cocktail Dress )
Ellie Roxx ( Silver Cocktail Dress )

And before you look at these pics: I had mega moisture in my passenger headlight. Im aware of it.

+Rep If you'd like to see more shoots!

My Car

Of course I had to start out with this.

Damn.. theres something about this girl

That's my nervous smile lol

Raichelle Viado

Some group photos

Shoots like this occur quite frequently with Import Fashion, so
+Rep If you'd like to see more shoots, and I will post pics every time we have a shoot =]
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After shoot shenanigans:


If you get this, you're awesome

Thats some serious air.

Uh oh! Cop!

The cop was a good sport and let us continue shooting, then let us use his cop suv as a prop for a couple of "arrested" shots! Lol.
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Nice shoot! Very nice pictures with good backgrounds! Will wait for more pics! + rep
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Nice shots and sick rides! Rep added for more pics :grinno:
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Thanks for the kind words guys... once the whole set is complete Ill upload.
Dont have too many solo pics of our s200 or CL in this set... so yeah.

Thanks again for the encouragement guys!
great pics
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updated with a little video they did. kinda neat behind the scenes sorta stuff
Holy Moly, just exploded in my pants!
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dope pics & vid.. goodstuff:tu2:
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More pics of the ladies!
Ask and you shall receive.
The pictures are still being processed, but this is what I got so far ;)

The lovely Raichelle Viado

My very close homegirl Amy Ames.

Ellie Roxx and Melanie Mac

Ellie Roxx looking all hollywood

Raichelle again!

Thats it for now... more to come when the full set is complete.
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Wow!!! cars & honeys are looking good. :nod: :thumbsup:
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