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Looking for 07 or 08 ecu

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Looking to buy an ecu for hondata flash pro
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You okay with using the automatic A71? They come up on eBay fairly regularly from salvage yards going for between $150 and $200. Sometimes they'll include the immobilizer and a key for the car which could be helpful if you do run into problems but that's usually adds about another $100 to the asking price.

If you're dead set on a21 manual ECU You're going to pay about three times as much and they're pretty difficult to track down.
HTSpecTSX and found no harm to come from moving the shifter into the reverse gate while driving, and it is not possible to accidentally engage reverse.
Wait, what exactly does that mean? You can put it into the reverse gate but if you let off the clutch it won't engage? how is that possible?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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