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Hello all;

I just recently purchased a 2006 TSX with navigation. I am planning to replace the factory setup with an aftermarket double din unit to get car play etc in the vehicle. I know I will lose the factory navigation, and I'm ok with that. I prefer to use something like Waze through car play anyway. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to integrate with the factory amplifier. If I connect RCA plugs to the speaker leads on the aftermarket radio integration harness and plug them in to the RCA output on an aftermarket head unit will that retain the factory amplifier and allow it to work as it did with the factory radio? Or, am I better off bypassing the factory amplifier and using the amplifier built in to the aftermarket head unit? I'll be using the Metra 99-7809B dash kit even though the replacement AC controls aren't very pretty. I am also looking for details on retaining the factory steering wheel controls. Does anyone have any details on what connection this car uses? Right now I'm looking at a PAC Audio ControlPRO 5.

Thanks in advance!

-Red Lightning
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