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Hi all, I recently bought an 08 tsx two weeks ago. I'm interested in buying some window visors for my car just because I think they look awesome! :p I am specifically looking for the weather tech visors! But I am also willing to look into other offers! I am a newbie, so please take it easy on me. Just trying to join the tsx game! Also, any suggestions on how much tint on the visors, assuming I will be getting a 30% tint on my actual windows. Also, I live in the bay area for easy local pick-ups.

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congrats! be sure to intro yourself to the community:). In terms of visors, you have lots of options. Some options are mugen, weathertech, eBay Crapola, HIC and OEM. Mugen is the most expensive, but it is JDM and JDM RULES!:p.
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