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Los Angeles Roof Vinyls

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anyone know a spot that does gloss black roof vinyls in los angeles?
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try impressive wraps in el monte. dont know the pricing but ive seen some of their work. and where are you in 323? i live there too. same car minus the roof visor lol
Lincoln Heights / Chinatown / East Los Angeles / Alhambra mainly

Thanks for shop name, i'll get a quote from them!
Hey I'm from that area too! Don't go to Impressive wrap, there is serious drama with them

Here's a link to what the drama was all about:
IMPRESSIVE WRAP joyrides my car, I get surprise letter/ticket weeks later; NEED HELP!
Daymnnnn lol, shady stuff man.
Ima go check out the place my friend told me about on Valley blvd called "The Carshop" apparently they do wraps there too :laugh:
I think it was me, I was around broadway last night. hah what car were you in?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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