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Low beam headlights

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Does anybody know what the stock color temp. of the HIDs are? I was doing some research and couldn't find an exact answer, I believe its either 4300K or 4500K.
I was also thinking about upgrading them to 5000K because I am looking for a more blue-er light. The light output from the bulbs I'm running right now put out a white light but they also might be at the end of their life cycle due to the fact that they have a pinkish color at start up. I was driving next to an Infiniti Q50 on the highway and noticed how much of a color difference there is between my car and the Infiniti's more blue-er light. If I do get new bulbs (5000K), what kind is recommended? I was looking into Osram Xenarc.
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The stock ones are 4300K and I've heard pretty good things about the Xenarc. You can also check out some lighting forums for more opinions on which bulbs to get.
If you're after a 5k bulb, search for the Osram 66240 CBI or the Philips 85122XV C1 Extreme Vision.
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