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Low beam headlights

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Does anybody know what the stock color temp. of the HIDs are? I was doing some research and couldn't find an exact answer, I believe its either 4300K or 4500K.
I was also thinking about upgrading them to 5000K because I am looking for a more blue-er light. The light output from the bulbs I'm running right now put out a white light but they also might be at the end of their life cycle due to the fact that they have a pinkish color at start up. I was driving next to an Infiniti Q50 on the highway and noticed how much of a color difference there is between my car and the Infiniti's more blue-er light. If I do get new bulbs (5000K), what kind is recommended? I was looking into Osram Xenarc.
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If you're after a 5k bulb, search for the Osram 66240 CBI or the Philips 85122XV C1 Extreme Vision.
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