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Low beam hid trouble

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Hey guys,

Just got my milano red TSX passed down and i need some help. :help:

When i first fire up the car the headlights comeon, (usually), then ill be driving and the passenger side will turn off. Then it starts to strobe hout. I was told that this may be a bad ballest? Im new to the HID world and am hopeing someone can help solve this issue.

ALT> if it is a bad ballest how much is a bulb and ballest for both sides, OEM replacement? thanks in advance.

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The ballast is used to start and maintain the arc in the HID bulbs. If it's on the fritz, you might have the issues that you described.

Usually when a bulb is about to die, the color of the bulb is pink. If you want to make sure it's the ballast and not the bulb, swap the bulbs and see if the issue is still there or if it followed the bulb.

If you want oem parts, check the catalog of some of the online dealers. I usually use and (iirc from memory).
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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