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I'm searching like mad on this problem, but can't find anything.

I can't hear anything on volume 10 or less. I often play it past 30 volume and it doesn't play loud at all.

I already listenned to another 04 TSX stock sound system, and it was playing really louder.

What could cause the problem ?

04 TSX
No nav
Stock HU
Stock speakers

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not sure if this applies to the gen 1 but the gen 2 has an SFV setting or somethin like that for changing the volume while driving if you happen to brake or somethin it will lower the volume.
1st gen's dont have that.

my guess would be either something is not working right (amp?) or you had different EQ settings than the other tsx you heard. Maybe the treble and stuff was set to max while yours is all set to the middle setting or low setting.
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