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Luxgen car brand

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Many of you may never have heard of this automotive brand, but here is my blog post about it.

Luxgen – Rare Fruit You May Never See | All Wheels Forward
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I test drove three Luxgen models recently.

I will be posting my first review of the Luxgen S5 Turbo sedan next week.
Here is my review on the Luxgen S5 turbo sedan model.

Luxgen S5 Review - Luxury and Tech Arrives in Compact Form | All Wheels Forward
Another new addition to the Luxgen lineup. A van with handicap accessibility.

Luxgen M7 Rampvan - | All Wheels Forward
The U6 is Luxgen's most popular vehicle in their lineup. Here is my Luxgen U6 crossover review.

Luxgen U6 Crossover - | All Wheels Forward
Luxgen's foray into the compact car market has arrived. Here is my review of the all new Luxgen S3 sedan.

Luxgen S3 sedan | All Wheels Forward
I don't like crossovers that much, but it seems to be Luxgen is on a roll with them.

Here is my review on all new Luxgen U5 crossover, which competes with the Honda HR-V and Toyota CH-R:

Luxgen U5 Crossover | All Wheels Forward
1 - 7 of 9 Posts
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