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Major power steering leak

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Okay ima just start with i bought my car recently its a 05 with 300***km, before going to look at the car through private sale i was told it had some issues like brakes and a leak from power steering but upon inspection it was pretty bad and has been bad for awhile but got the car for a really good deal drove it home been collecting parts for it slowly. Time came to inspect further on the leak and it hasnt leaked for me i dont think because i have cleaned around the areas i thought it would leak and haven’t noticed any new leaks but i also havent refilled the fluid, its sitting just a bit above min lvl. Also watched a few vids saying to watch for bubbles meaning air is entering system but i have no bubbles and steering is great. Will say tho it does have a terrible noise when starting. My belt also decided to move a lil over so i havent been running it since that happened. Tried to release the tensioner but wont loosen just spins. Pretty much im just asking if this sounds like its gonna start getting super expensive? Also if you have any tips on getting the tensioner off because its just not working the way the vids show.
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It's hard to tell if you have any serious issues. I would do some minor maintenance first to see if your squeaking goes away. Replace your fluid if it isn't red.(brown or black).

As for the leak, it's not unusual to leak from the cap. it may just need a new o-ring or new cap. The high pressure and return lines, at the pump, may also leak over time. they're an easy fix, you just replace their o-rings. Acura sells the o-ring kit.

As for your belt jumping, it may be from you working on your tensioner. Slip it back into place and see if it jumps again. You may need to replace your belt if it is worn, stretched or damaged. If you replace your belt and the tensioner indicator (arrow) on your pump is off you may need a new tensioner. It's held by 3 bolts. Your tensioner pulley (wheel) is supposed to spin freely. The bolt holding the pulley should not spin unless it's loose or stripped.

A new belt and/or tensioner is not expensive. Try doing the maintenance first and see if it helps.
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