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So you swapped an Accord manual trans into your auto trans TSX? What year TSX?

What did you do with the auto transmission wiring harness?
Did you install a manual trans wiring harness or modify the existing auto trans wiring harness?
What did you do to bypass the neutral start safety switch in the auto trans?
That switch is either in the auto trans or integrated in the auto trans shifter.

You will likely have to swap in a manual trans ECU or flash your auto trans ECU with a manual trans program to get rid of the auto trans DTC's, warning lights and auto trans shifter indicator in the dash cluster.

How did you end up modding the firewall to accept the clutch pedal bracket.

Swapping an auto trans TSX to a manual trans is extremely difficult, unlike other platforms.
A search on this forum will bring up all the issues for this swap.

If you successfully complete it, even with an Accord 5 speed manual trans, you will be one of the few!
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