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I have been a member on this site for quite awhile and have found it to be an excellent resource for just about anything TSX related. I'm almost embarrassed to share my car compared to a lot of the others on here. I purchased the car in March 2008 with 44,000 miles. It just turned over 100,000 about a month ago, so I thought it was time for a little refresh and show her off. I have done some small cosmetic changes along the way, but just finished off the Aspec kit with the side skirts.

Before the TSX, I never kept any of my cars (including 89 and 93 Probe, 97 and 03 Eclipse, 97 Integra, 03 Mercedes C230 coupe) more than a few years and less than 60k miles. After 5 years with the TSX, I wouldn't trade it for anything. It drives like new and I just got 33.7mpg on mostly highway driving this past weekend.

Pic from the dealer.

The first thing I did was to change out the shift knob with one from an 08 TL.

Next was to add the USA Spec iPod interface. (I'm looking at swapping it out for the GROM bluetooth soon) I ran the iPod and aux cables into the armrest.

I needed new tires and it kind of caught me off guard thinking I had a little more time. The Aspec wheels had rim seal leaks, so I needed to replace or refinish them. I decided to just get some new inexpensive wheels (Dragg DR31...replica CR Kai) at the time that were the same size as stock so I could just swap the tires if I got them refinished. I also installed EBC blank rotors, EBC Red Stuff pads, and painted the calipers.

Installed blue interior LED lights and bright white LED license plate lights.

K2 Motors fog lights with tinted lenses. (stock halogen bulbs)

Swapped out the halogen bulbs for 7w LEDs. (LED on the driver's side)

And finally Aspec side skirts.

I'm sure the overwhelming response to this will be "needs a drop". I couldn't agree more. I'm a little hesitant because I had some issues with the underbody shield breaking loose this past winter and had to have it replace. (The real problem was letting Firestone do a transmission flush when they broke all the tabs and stripped some bolts and just zipped tied it back up.) But, I'm sure the stock shocks will need to be replaced at some point and I plan on installing H-Techs with Koni yellows for a mild Aspec-type drop.

To do/wish list:
H-Techs with Koni Yellows
Gunmetal 18" Enkei Raijins
Paint the rotors
Grom iPod integration
Nav video with rear backup camera
LED reverse and tail lights
Black out window trim and maybe the grill

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Simply and clean. I wouldn't trade mine in either. They run like better forever if you take care of it and stay up to date with the maintenance.

Needs more low! Jk it's perfect the way you have it. Keep us updated on your progression.

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nice car. will look really good with a little bit more low.
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