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we all know the stock tires that came with tsx really really suck specially being on a front wheel drive car it's very slick in the rain
and even on dry road there's more torque steer feel. so I'm thinking about plus sizing the tires on all four corners on my next tire rotation or an alignment. any suggestions or has anybody done this upgrade?
"Plus sizing" means going to a larger rim than stock-in the case of the TSX, a plus 1 would be an 18" rim, a plus 2 would be a 19".

What you're suggesting is trying to put a different size tire on your 17" rim.

Your choices would be:

225/45/17- will fit fine; it's actually a little smaller than stock, so you'll have a little more wheel gap, but on the positive side there's lots of choices in this size. Sidewall is shorter, so depending on the tire, the sidewall would probably be a little stiffer.

225/50/17- will also fit if you're not lowered; slightly larger than stock, will give a smoother ride with it's larger sidewall. I wouldn't recommend this size.

235/45/17-not on the stock rim. You'd need to be a least 7.5" wide for most 235s. This size is really good for the TSX though-it's the same overall size, a stiffer sidewall for improved handling, and more rubber on the road. The TL uses this size on a 8" wide rim, which would be my choice with this size.
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