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Mechanic South Florida

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Can anyone recommend a good shop that does mods in the broward county area or close to it?
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I'm in broward. Lmk what you need. I got contacts for everything in broward.
I just ordered a skunk2 dual catback exhaust i need someone reliable to put it on.
I use Toni @ FabWorx. He's even my tuner and mechanic for over 10 years. I really recommend him for all your performance needs and he owns a turbo TSX as well so he knows his stuff. Tell him Avie sent you with the red TSX

(954) 907-7944
cool thanks a lot!!
Anytime. Hmu if you need any help or anything else
I got contacts for everything in broward.
What kind of contact you got? where you located? didn't realize we had so many members from broward area on here.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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