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Mess-Free Oil Change

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so after years of having the dealership provide this service i decided to tackle this relatively simple yet messy task (from what i've heard & read) for the first time myself. today.

what i used:
-10mm socket for trap door
-17mm socket for drain bolt
-aluminum drain bolt crush washer
-floor jack + stands
-wheel chocks for safety
-disposal container for oil
-nitrile gloves to keep hands clean
-paper towels/rags just in case
-trash bag to trap filter
-brake cleaner to clean any drips
-funnel to add oil effortlessly
-mobil1 oil & filter
-music/drinks to pass the time

after reading tons of horror stories about TSX oil changes and the ridiculous placement of the oil filter i made sure to take my sweet ass time to try to make this as mess-free and enjoyable as possible bcuz this is something i plan on doing each and every time from this point forward...
... and i am happy to report that all of my homework paid off bcuz not a single drop of oil hit the floor!! :woot:
a few drops did manage to land on the steering components and on my forearm when i removed the filter but the floor was spot-free and there was no damp head and shirt full of oil like i read on some other thread LoL.

not bad for my first time and although it wasn't exactly mess-free it was pretty damn close...
... next time i plan to eliminate those drops.

now i just gotta replace my cabin air filter bcuz every time i turn on my car it smells like skidrow!! :laugh:
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I prefer to remove the passenger wheel, place the oil catching pan underneath, place a rag underneath the oil filter then remove with a oil filter socket and wa-la. No mess and it is quick
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