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metal look?

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I was wondering if any of you could post pics or show me a link where i could see the metallic trim inside the car. And any good pics with a spoiler
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that is my tsx with the metal trim in it. no spoiler though. about to put on a lip spoiler :)
? why not?

copy and paste the link

or click below:

there is only one picture of the inside
do u have any nicer pics from the inside of the metallic look.
uh please us the navigation on the top of the website. it says NEXT which means next page. there about 7 pages so there are better pics if you will look.. :eek:
My car's equipped with the metal-look trim from the gray interior. It really looks great. I like it much better than the wood interior (although I still think the wood looks great).
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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