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mfactory magnetic oil drain plugs

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I've been looking around for information on magnetic oil drain plugs. I came across
mfactory which is a relatively new company that appear to specialize in gearing for Honda and Subaru.

mfactory touts their magnetic oil drain plug as being able to hold 1.3kg. Does anyone have experience with the quality of mfactory products?

Their oil catch can looks promising but it looks like it only comes in black.
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This is slightly related.

That's how much metal my other oil filter magnet collected between oil changes. That's the inside of the old oil filter. But that's from a different thread.
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I was niot sure which way it flows in the filter. Maybe your magnet caught the metal prior to it going into the filter media. Does it flow into the center and out the sides, or visa versa?
I'm not positive which direction it flows but the threaded pipe is called the oil filter feed pipe so I'm guessing that the oil goes into the filter via the pipe (center). Yeah I think the magnet caught it before the filter media.

I ordered the magnetic drain plugs. I wonder how much debris that will remove?
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