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Hey fellow TSX'ers. My company is looking to fill some tier 1 IT support positions at our San Antonio office. I know with the economy the way it is, a lot of people are looking for stable positions with stable companies. Our company is still hiring and we haven't laid anyone off. If you're interested, go to our Qtc website, and click on career center and click on current job opportunties. Good luck!

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Hey gang since we are in a deep global recession now some members think we should pool our resources together to help out other who is in need of a job to ride out this storm. So post away any opportunities and/or experience in going through interviews so we can stay one step ahead of others and...yes keep our beloved TSXs!

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We are a young, ambitious company belonging to the ELA Group.
ELA Container Offshore GmbH manufactures offshore containers for renting and purchasing that are used on oil rigs, transformer platforms, ocean vessels, pontoons and supply vessels. ELA containers can be stacked up to 4 storeys high and used as temporary living spaces, offices, dining areas, kitchens, laundries, recreation rooms and changing rooms.

We are continuing to expand and are looking for the position of sales representative working in the field for the USA (Houston, Texas) to be filled as soon as possible.

Your place of residence should already be in the USA. American citizenship is desirable.
Alternatively you should be in possession of an unlimited residence permit and work permit or not require a work permit.
You are required to have a driver’s licence as well as experience in the wind, oil and gas industry.
German language skills are desirable.

If you want to work in a dynamic team, please submit your application along with any standard documents to:

ELA Container Offshore GmbH
Company Management (Geschäftsleitung)
Zeppelinstr. 19-21
49733 Haren (Ems)
Phone +49 5932-506-506

Email: [email protected]
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