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I've done a lot of research before posting this but does anybody know where to get a Mugen (or replica) window visors? Or if anybody wants to sell theirs, I wouldn't mind taking them off your hands.

I also did a lot of research on suspension and came to a conclusion of getting rid of some wheel gap using Tein H Tech springs. My choices are (if you have them):

Tein H tech springs only
Tein H tech springs with aftermarket struts
Tein CST coilovers

Thank you in advance for any replies.

Please be in the GTA area.

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Nextmod is a great place to buy parts from. They have those things, they are also havig a 20% off Koni suspension parts as well.

If you are looking for used, there are a few parts I had spotted up on Kijiji.

Happy modding!
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