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I use the USB for all my music. I tried BT audio but it did not sound as good as the USB (same digital track back to back).

I use a 64 GB USB flash drive it takes a few seconds to load the first time you plug it in but that's it.

What I have learned is that it doesn't display the folders alphabetically, but by when the folder was loaded to the USB.

For example if I load a bunch of folder all at once to the USB whichever folder ends up finishing copying first will the displayed as folder 1 in the TSX, So if you want to have them alphabetical you need to load them to the USB one at a time.

Same goes if you want to add a new folder, it will end up being the last folder on the list.

Another FYI the TSX can only handle 700 folders on a USB and 65,535 files (according to the owners manual).
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