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My car has TWO SPEAKERS!

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Got my radio fixed finally, acura did a quick and fast job, thank you! Thx to
Zigen for the TWO rides...

now my car is at rich city, waiting to be repainted and fixed... my corrola has
2 speakers, i rolled down the window and was pimping with the music...

however, i think, it is good to drive a car like this from time to time, really give
yourself some time to appriciate what a nice car we drive, and not think
about "total it" but enjoy it and be greatful with what we have :ben:
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Andynolife said:
he probly hyjack some VIP ... ~
or else i dont see how the greedy ICBC will waste such money .. :lol:
all u need to do is to flirt with the adjuster (either female OR MALE) :laugh:
NeoChaser said:
who said anything about 1 rock?! u saw my car. u even felt it, the
lip, bumper was all messed up. and both fog lights were busted.

like i said, as long you can prove it's one incident they don't care how many
panel's it is.

also i guess it depends if they like the person or not i guess ? cause someone went in
with two seperate damages and he got one deductable.
yup... i go in and i got a new bumper :)
was fast too... she just ask me if it is aftermarket, then i show her the receipt, then she came back with my claim form.
People keep saying they are pricks to deal with, but I don't have bad exp with them yet.... so i guess it depends on luck.
Benz_05TSX said:
They gave you a new Mugen bumper?? wtf.....
I thought they don't cover aftermarket parts if they are over 2 grand or sth~

and.....what you do with the OLD bumper?? hehe^^ :idea:
doh.... geez... :newbie:
icbc covers up to 5000 for aftermarket bolt-on.
and 2000 on stero stuffs ( i believe)
u can increase the coverage, but of course u have to pay more.
oh, it is 5000 for aftermarket bolt-on. 1000 for stero stuffs.

hmm.... Benz... only if u are good enough to be able to damage the whole kit, and all 4 wheels all at once. (Or the whole car get stolen). I don't see why the 5000 will only cover the body kit, but not the wheels. :rofl:
no... if u are fully loaded, let say ur body kit + wheel + exhaust + intake + other craps = 10000, ur system = 5000

if it get stolen, u get 5000 for bolt on aftermarket stuff, and 1000 on stero, so u get 6000 total.

and that 5000 is for aftermarket stuffs only... if ur door is damage (assuming u have stock doors), that will not count in that 5000 aftermarket-bolt-on coverage.

What? U want to buy my bumper???
well... if the wheels are more than 5000 and u want it to be fully insured, then yeah, pay more for the coverage. Not only wheels, same for other stuffs...

(why would u think that I will let my bumper go for cheap.... cheap enough that u can screw around with that before u get ur real kit???)
Benz_05TSX said:
Well.....most wheels come to around $4k at then end.....after the tax and tires.....

(I don't know.....I thought you have a spare bumper....and you don't need, put it on mine to fool around for a while...hahaha...I know Mugen ain't cheap....MUGEN WHORE)
lol, i treat my stuffs pretty well... won't let them go into the wrong hands, ha ha...
depends.... if the adjuster is a prick...
he/she will want to see the broken aftermarket part, which is claimed to be not fixable, before letting u buy a new one.
Benz_05TSX said:
um.......i am comfused??......what do u mean by almost......??

oh.... is it.... me buying Saz broken bumper.....then claim it? :idea:
Do u think i am stupid?

If u take my receipt for a claim, we are both in deep shit.
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