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My car has TWO SPEAKERS!

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Got my radio fixed finally, acura did a quick and fast job, thank you! Thx to
Zigen for the TWO rides...

now my car is at rich city, waiting to be repainted and fixed... my corrola has
2 speakers, i rolled down the window and was pimping with the music...

however, i think, it is good to drive a car like this from time to time, really give
yourself some time to appriciate what a nice car we drive, and not think
about "total it" but enjoy it and be greatful with what we have :ben:
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Cyde said:
curious... how would one convince icbc to repaint the whole car??
mine is only 60% not whole car.
whole front end, whole roof
whole left side minus (the c piller + left rear bumper)
Andynolife said:
he probly hyjack some VIP ... ~
or else i dont see how the greedy ICBC will waste such money .. :lol:
actually no, hehe it's called comprehensive coverage...

my car was in perefect condition b4 the claim..

and when i brought my car in, u can clearly see that rock chip was from
one incident and it was consistant with my story.
Cyde said:
how can one rock cause that much damge to so many part of the car?

on every chip or gauge, ICBC charge me 300 to 500$ deductable becasue they said each was a seperate case! and is seperate incident, so they would be nice and only charge me one deducatable per panel, @ 500$ a peice, WTF you can see the bare metal on my car!! thats how i don't get how they let you repaint that much of you car under one deductable

who said anything about 1 rock?! u saw my car. u even felt it, the
lip, bumper was all messed up. and both fog lights were busted.

like i said, as long you can prove it's one incident they don't care how many
panel's it is.

also i guess it depends if they like the person or not i guess ? cause someone went in
with two seperate damages and he got one deductable.
yeah they were really nice to me as well..... :)

i also prepared some receipt of my lip and foggies... but they didn't ask for it
cause it was oem lol
Cyde said:
how they give you a new bumper for a bloody rock chip!!

and my bumper is worst off than yours neo, it's even more sandded down and bare metal exposed on my hood... *sigh* i need more repairs work, but how can you convince then it's from one thing??

no ur bumper isn't as bad as mine... :)

and i got bare metal exposed all over my hood as well.

cause it was consistant, with my story, lumber trucks ran by me on the left side
and which was the truth.... so..

i guess i said the truth and that convineced them.
Cyde said:

Neo I felt your bumper, i guess ther about the same as bad, mine like sanded downlike no paint on sections, i've had thpose stupid dump truck loose their load on me, and on micko too, micko has the huge gauge in the front left pillar

good luck with it. may the force be with u
micko said:
o, one question....will ICBC ask which route u always use? if u always drive on hwy (like Cyde), ICBC may say datz usual..

but that doesn't mean much. they are just trying to get ur self out of this

just ask kanon all his claims are on highway1 excep the crtcy car.
micko said:

but Benz...u needa have those after parts first...
or else ICBC would just give u all the stock parts... :spin:
almost micko, almost hehe ... u can buy the aftermarket part while u are
gettign ur car fixed... and depend on how well u know the bodyshop they
may wait for u.

cause otherwise the bodyshop will want to close the claim and get u to
sign the paper so they can get the mula hehe
SAZABI said:
depends.... if the adjuster is a prick...
he/she will want to see the broken aftermarket part, which is claimed to be not fixable, before letting u buy a new one.

that is correct, THAT IS WHY... we should go to places like rich city
where they are empowered to do the claims :)
SAZABI said:
Do u think i am stupid?
no new bottom trim for me.... gona have to live with the dinged up ones... :(
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