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My car has TWO SPEAKERS!

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Got my radio fixed finally, acura did a quick and fast job, thank you! Thx to
Zigen for the TWO rides...

now my car is at rich city, waiting to be repainted and fixed... my corrola has
2 speakers, i rolled down the window and was pimping with the music...

however, i think, it is good to drive a car like this from time to time, really give
yourself some time to appriciate what a nice car we drive, and not think
about "total it" but enjoy it and be greatful with what we have :ben:
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i drove those corolla b4...actually is not a bad car for daily drive..
ONLY DRIVE....haha...
then dat time i really found out how good the TSX and how luxury the TSX is..hee...
wow...EXTRA SERVICE....sounds so mysterious... :russ:
o, one question....will ICBC ask which route u always use? if u always drive on hwy (like Cyde), ICBC may say datz usual..
NeoChaser said:
but that doesn't mean much. they are just trying to get ur self out of this

just ask kanon all his claims are on highway1 excep the crtcy car.
Cyde better ask kanon...he seems like he wanna repaint his car.. :)
SAZABI said:
lol, i treat my stuffs pretty well... won't let them go into the wrong hands, ha ha...

but Benz...u needa have those after parts first...
or else ICBC would just give u all the stock parts... :spin:
o, yea..Neo, we should have go to a well-known bodyshop..
so they would be willing to do some extra work for us...
1 - 6 of 47 Posts
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