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My car has TWO SPEAKERS!

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Got my radio fixed finally, acura did a quick and fast job, thank you! Thx to
Zigen for the TWO rides...

now my car is at rich city, waiting to be repainted and fixed... my corrola has
2 speakers, i rolled down the window and was pimping with the music...

however, i think, it is good to drive a car like this from time to time, really give
yourself some time to appriciate what a nice car we drive, and not think
about "total it" but enjoy it and be greatful with what we have :ben:
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What the hell happen to your car? still fixing up the things from last time?? It looked fine on the meet...... and.who say "total" the TSX.....bad kid...:laugh: Cyde's always lying...... bad~
SAZABI said:
yup... i go in and i got a new bumper :)
was fast too... she just ask me if it is aftermarket, then i show her the receipt, then she came back with my claim form.
People keep saying they are pricks to deal with, but I don't have bad exp with them yet.... so i guess it depends on luck.
They gave you a new Mugen bumper?? wtf.....
I thought they don't cover aftermarket parts if they are over 2 grand or sth~

and.....what you do with the OLD bumper?? hehe^^ :idea:
SAZABI said:
doh.... geez... :newbie:
icbc covers up to 5000 for aftermarket bolt-on.
and 2000 on stero stuffs ( i believe)
u can increase the coverage, but of course u have to pay more.
they cover to 5000??? wow...... so they basically cover the kit.... nice~
but rims you have to pay extra right??

and.... what happen to your old bumper?? hahaha....
SAZABI said:
oh, it is 5000 for aftermarket bolt-on. 1000 for stero stuffs.

hmm.... Benz... only if u are good enough to be able to damage the whole kit, and all 4 wheels all at once. (Or the whole car get stolen). I don't see why the 5000 will only cover the body kit, but not the wheels. :rofl:
Nono.... i thought body damage and wheels and stero damage is all seperate. Like... 5000 for all body and engine, 2000 for wheels, and 1000 for stero....
or is it just 5000 for ALL the things on the car.....???

And you still havent answer me what happen to your OLD bumper??? did ICBC take it? or is it still in ur garage? hahaha..... we have 5000 aftermarket insurance?? no need to pay extra right??? sweet..... i never knew that~......but that 5000 includes the wheel?? i thought you have to pay extra $30 a year to buy MORE coverage on the wheels~....

as for the bumper..... if it's not THAT damage... y not? I just wanna fcuk around first, since I just lower my car, i am scare i will scratch my kit.... so just get SOMETHING to make me used to the feeling.......I KNOW I AM CHEAP~~
Well.....most wheels come to around $4k at then end.....after the tax and tires.....

(I don't know.....I thought you have a spare bumper....and you don't need, put it on mine to fool around for a while...hahaha...I know Mugen ain't cheap....MUGEN WHORE)
um.......i am comfused??......what do u mean by almost......??

oh.... is it.... me buying Saz broken bumper.....then claim it? :idea:
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