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My Custom JPM Coachworks TSX 6 Speed Shift Boot and Parking Brake Boot

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My roomy and I were looking around the internet and he showed me a company he ran across when he was working(for google)...

Welcome to JPM Coachworks | Automovie Design for Subaru, Honda, BMW & More -- Proudly Made In The USA

They are very well known in the WRX, Porsche and Exotic Car Forums and dealers. Many of their interior works has been in countless SEMA Show Cars.

We were very impressed with there work just based on that and the fact that they were in our back yard almost. I got a appointment for some custom work. Went a few days ago, they have a very nice facility and some great customer service. They even let us hang out and watch them make both of the boots. Was a really cool learning experience and WOW the Leather and the Genuine Alcantara® they have is out of this World. Here is the work I got done...




PARKING BRAKE BOOT(bulge zip tie is going to get fix free just have to call them ^_^)

The Materials we had to pick from just were unbelievable. But i decided to go with the Pebbled Black Italian Leather with Red Double Stitch. The Shift boot has both Pebbled(Front and Back) and Perforated Leather(driver and Passenger) and just Pebble Black on the Parking Brake.

For sure going to do the center arm rest with Alcantara® on the center with Pebble on the side, and later my door cards with Real Perforated Leather in the one spot to replace the vinyl, and Genuine Alcantara® on the arm rests. Also maybe Alcantara® the Pillars too down the road. When the Leather get bad i will do those too. But even if your not in Georgia Area its worth sending some of you interior parts to these guys(and Lady). If there is interest they said they would be into making a DIY kit like they have for the WRX/Impreza guys on Shifter boots. They have a State of the Art CAD Cutting Board and CAD metal setup so there VERY CAPABLE of just about anything interior wise.

Here are some of there other Social Networking pages check them out..

JPMCoachworks Facebook

JPMCoachworks Flickr

JPM Coachworks Twitter

Well let me know what you guys think ^_^. Hope you guys like the work.
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Thanks glad you like. They don't have the template since they made mine custom but I'm sure if they get more then a few hits then they will do it. Arm rest is next for me but next month maybe. Alcantara® and Pebble with red double stitch. Mmm mmmmm...

Go to the custom section on there page and email them about the custom work. You will have to send them your part.

There about to move a few doors down so it might be a while, and they have contracted full cars coming up I think Joe was saying. But they will get too you. I'm just lucky I can just drive there. But they are by appointment ONLY for custom work. But it's well worth it. I can't help but keep looking at the work and putting my hands on it. Soooo nice.

Keep me posted on what you get done brov.

I can't WAIT to do my door cards and steering wheel!!! Never in a million years did I think I would get the interior bug... But it's such great work it's hard not too.
Thats great im glad i can at least come through on something for you DeSEBticoN. :laugh: Trust me you will be VERY HAPPY!!! I can't wait to get the arm rest done on mine. I totally hooked on these guys. Got some other little secrets planned.

One tip, Make sure you have the LITTLE zip ties for the one on the Parking brake. I have to go back and get a new one installed. When i say small i mean the small headed zip ties or just make sure the head is facing the console panel. No biggie tho.

Not sure about the seat but i saw them working this seat in the picture...

Have too pull it off the iPad later... But they "DO WORK!" For sure.

The more TSX Guys and Gals buying from them them more likely there going to add stuff too there CAD archive. ^_^ Everyone get stuff!!!!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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