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I just had my pro-kit installed on my car and all I can say that it was a great decision... I would break it down for you guys

Looks: eibach definitely made the car look sportier and aggressive. it is just perfect drop. Last thing I wanted , was my TSX to look ricy.

Handling: I feel almost no body roll when cornering

Comfort: I know many of you are going to disagree with me but my car is smoother and I can almost say that less bouncy than stock. Maybe OEM springs really suck.

Disadvantage: I need a camber kit

This is my second set of Eibach pro-kit. First I had them on my Accord and then on my TSX. I would totally buy them again.

As soon as as a set of Kony shocks comes out I would put them on

I hope this helps some of you to make your desicion when buyin springs.
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