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music playing, and the canucks announcer going on with the pa going through the names.... crowd had big cheers for our canucks
players, and a standing o for brad may when team hmy was done.

as team burke made it's way out on the ice, the arena could taste
the anticipation anxiety in the air... music still playing...
goes wild after allen, ohlund....then nazzy came out.. we were
all up in excitement... thinking could the next one be it? no it wasn't,
we felt kinda down a little cause it was towards the end of the
line up. yet, we could feel the anticipation build up and maybe it
was just us fans filtering out all the sounds we didn't wana here
it seems the coliseum was silent. and then the announcer spoke, "from vancouver, #40----"
the pacific coliseum erupted. we all stood up and clapped as hard as we could, cheered loud as we
could. "---4, todd bertuzzi!" as he stepped to the ice, the electrifying
energy connected everyone around the arena and it almost made the tear in my eye to fall.

most ppl prob alreayd knew when he came out during the pre
game skate.. but i missed that lol

that was my little moment...
on a side note, i sat behind cooke and his family, about 5 rows back.

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SAZABI said:
lol, how come?
did they just gather all the ex-canucks (or famous ones) to play the game?

doh... I am kinda lost after there is no season this year... don't even know the current canucks roaster.

because after the 94 run, GM place was built and the canucks moved to
GM place...

cliff ronning left vancouver since.... therefore he never got a chance to
play at the PC ...

also i thought it might have been cool if sakic or kariya played since they are
from vancouver
but i guess they were not friends of brad may LOL.

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Good stuff!

I wanted to go as well, but couldn't find time to get the tickets.

Probably should have asked here for somebody to get me a set. :)
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