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My navigation is acting weird..has anyone seena Diagnostic screen before?

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So i own an 06 tsx with nav and has never had a disc. i finally purchased one..that seems to be compatible. When i first started the car the screen said downloading and after a few mins it said pls enter code. Once I entered the code it states pls move vehicle in open area for ten mins as I started to move the car this screen pops up. It was on for about 20 mins till i gave up....funny thing is once its in this detecting mode you can operate or touch the screen. Any help would be appreciated.


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Thanks so much for your response...ive been trying to find a solotion and I believe others that used this particular (4.62) disc has had this same issue. So most have had a simple fix in which i will try and attempt tomorrow.
Thats just the diagnostic screen, and is there to make sure all systems are talking to each other and are operational. You can also calibrate the touch screen in those options. You can normally access this menu by hitting MAP/GUIDE+ MENU + CANCEL
If you'd like an updated version 4.A2 (2012) of the maps, I have a spare 'backup' disc I burned for someone who ended up not needing it..
Hey guys I cleared it by holding those buttons. Got everything to work now appreciate everyone's help.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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