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My S2000

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MY2000 S2000 AP1, finally broke through 30k miles. Still looks pretty good and on the original top!

Lightly Modded:
OEM Honda front lip
OEM Black Honda badges and black chrome S2000 badges
OEM titanium shift knob
OEM CR steering stiffeners
JDM titanium cupholder cover and shifter ring trim
JDM clear turn signals
Rick's floormats
Rick's red-stitched shift boot
Rick's leather transmission tunnel cover
Red-stitched parking brake cover
Comptech intake
Comptech exhaust
Comptech Titanium front shock tower brace
Comptech rear tie bar
Digrappa one-piece billet x-brace
Spoon center brace bar
ASM ladder bar (aluminum)
Cryo-treated, slotted OEM rotors
Comptech Stainless steel brake lines

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So clean! I'm thinking about getting one of these myself :)
I just purchased an AP2 this week and am in the same situation as you tire-wise. The tires are the OEM bridgetones from 2005 and I will likely have to get the replaced. This car is a money pit already and it's only been a few days!
Thanks man! Oh yeah, the AP2 is definitely a dream come true! The TSX is still "sporty" I guess, but the S2000 is such a treat to drive! I'm going to go for the hardtop as well, it's a winter project of mine to hunt one down. As for tires, in the spring I think I will switch over to Michelin Pilot Super Sports, retaining the OEM AP2V1 wheels I have.

Are you over on S2KI by any chance?

Here's a pic of my S:

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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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