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Hello fellow TSX owners,

My TSX got vandalized this past weekend on May25th at 01:44AM located in underground condo parking lot near Bathurst/Hwy7.

By examing thorough the CCTVs in the parking lot, their vehicle descriptions are as follows:

-PWP white 04-05 TSX with full A-Spec body kit
-A-Spec wheels(seems like 18" gunmetal)
-Slightly lowered
-Blue Hids(super bright 8000ks)
-Blue led interior door light
-De-badged Acura, TSX emblems on the trunk
-No black roof top
-Very dark plate cover(probably even hard to see in the daytime)

Currently all CCTV datas are being investigated by the police, there is a clear capture of them entering/exiting the garage slope, possibilities of face and rear plate recognition.

There were no signs of damages at the point of their entry. My car had an aftermarket alarm system which I think it protected the whole car itself from being stolen. Also, through the cctvs, I can clearly say that they were specifically looking for TSX model. My TSX was probably the only TSX in the garage and it looked like they wandered around the garage without a stop and bamm stops at my TSX and reverses.

Total worth of around $5000 in the trunk was stolen(golf clubs, sports gears)

I hate that TSXs are so easy to break in. There are C63, IS-F near my spot and they were just fine.

Do they have a master key or a master remote or any kind?
By checking at the video, it only took less than 2 minutes for them to get in the car and leaving the scene.

Also, my condominium underground garage door was left open for like 2 weeks. So I am looking to do a claim against them. Any ideas?


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Sorry to hear that dude. Any car is easy to get into if you know what your doing. It's stealing it that becomes difficult.

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Wow! Crazy story. Parking garages are always hot. Sorry to hear that.

So they actually made it inside your car? Did the alarm go off? Honestly it could of been worst. Hope you catch those guys. I'm sure they are probably on this site. Better watch your back! That's a solid description of your car.

Good luck with your claim!

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God damn punks! Must've been watching your car from some time though, especially if thats your regular parking spot in the condo -- considering the amount of time they were in and out, unless it was just a smash and grab.

Either way that's a shitty thing to hear! I hate to say it but the more our cars depreciate in value, the more younger/shady f*cks are coming into the scene -- and the more we hear about crap like this.

Be safe everyone!

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sorry to hear that! Feel your pain! My bimmer got vandalized last year @ Go train parking lot too. window broken, scratched the door and trim badly but nothing was stolen! Hate those bastard!

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almost everyday now i read about a car getting stolen or broken into, its getting crazy. If the cops aren't pulling our car off the road, people are taking them from our driveways or parking garages.. people don't know the value of things at all
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