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Navi problems?

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In many articles, i have been told to skip the navi since it is a hassle to use. Do any of u owners think it is a hassle? they say voice recognition is messed up. Is any of this true?
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i never heard of any navi probs, only dat it's usefull, but i dunno, might have some glitches or something...
yeah if any problems bring it to the dealer...
I have it, and I love it.
I have the navigation system and it is extremelly helpful. I find that the voice recognition works great and sounds great, too.

Whomever told you that the system was difficult to work probably refused to read the manual -- which, BTW, is very easy to read.

I learned how to use the system just by pressing the buttons. Very, very easy! :D
navi is warrantied notin to worry about they will fix it
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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