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Nebraska/Iowa TSX's ROLL CALL!

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I'm just outside Omaha, have a 2007 MR TSX, stock as of now waiting for spring.
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wats up fellas from the dsm area, just picked up my dd 06 pwp, waiting for weather to warm up around here to do some mods
Hey guys! Almost a year since anyone posted here... but thought I'd chime in from Ames, IA. I got myself an '06 TSX AT a couple months ago. So far I have a drop in K&N filter and reflash. Looking to get pulleys and new rims. Any of you guys know a local shop that you'd trust to install the pulleys?
How's the reflash working out? Feeling harder pull from stock? I was thinking about reflashing mine but still thinking
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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