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Hey guys! I need some help deciding on some replacement parts. I have a 2006 TSX 6MT With 160k and the stock exhaust has seen a lot of salt in its life in Iowa with the previous owner. The passenger side muffler has a golf ball sized rot hole, there was a previous weld repair on the resonator section right after the Catalytic Converter, and there might be a small exhaust leak on the front pipe right where the flex area starts, there’s a slight hiss. I have a complete used OEM Y section with both rear mufflers, although not new, they’re better than the current set up on the car and have no visible rot holes just some slight surface rust and I can use a bristle wire brush to clean them up and repaint them with some high heat black for the New-OE appearance. the mid muffler currently on the car seems to be as clean as the one on my 115k Tsx so I plan on reusing that. What I need to purchase is a new front pipe with a flex section, and the resonator pipe that goes in between the Catalytic Converter and the Mid Muffler both from Rockauto.

So here are my questions.

1. the 06-08 tsx have a 65mm front pipe vs a 60mm front pipe on the 04-05 from what I’ve read in my searches, but on Rockauto they list the same part numbers for front pipes for all 1st gen years, anyone have any knowledge on wether or not they’re possibly all made at 65mm now?

2. Some of the front pipes on rock auto specify “auto trans” and some don’t specify anything more than 04-08. None mention “manual trans”. On Acura parts websites there are 2 part numbers for a front pipe both priced at $311 but neither mentioning either auto or manual. Does anyone know if there is an actual difference between an auto trans front pipe and a 6MT front pipe?

3. the 2 front pipes that don’t specify a trans and just mention 04-08 fitment are
Davico - part number 222433
Walker - part number 52433

4. FOR the resonator section I can choose between these two parts
Walker - part number 53677
AP Emissions - part number 38965

both of the front pipes listed are around $70 and the resonator sections around $30. My Cat and O2’s seem to be working just fine with no check engine lights or mpg issues. there’s a guy in Jersey that parts out TSX’s and can probably deliver a full stock exhaust from the cat all the way to the end for maybe $200-$250 depending on his delivery fees but like I said I have a rear Y section with the mufflers and I would still have to purchase a front pipe for $70 plus shipping anyway. If I order a new front pipe, new resonator section and all the corresponding donut and flat gaskets, it totals $140 to my door with tax and the install at my friends shop will probably run me another $80.
Getting a full used oem exhaust would cost around the same but add $150 for cost of a new front pipe and install and I’m reaching close to $400 total and I’d still have used piping vs new aluminum.

can anyone chime in on my questions or on the parts listed? This is my fun-ish commuter and the 3rd pedal is the ‘fun’ aspect, but I need the exhaust to be as quiet as my wife’s TSX cause when I commute with her car it’s nice and quiet and then I get back in mine and can almost feel the power loss. (Possibly also due for a valve adjustment but will wait for warmer weather for that.)

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