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Need Guildance for replacing spark plugs and Accessory Belt for 2012 2.4L

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I will be replacing the plugs and belt on my newly acquired 2012 2.4L Wagon and need to know what to go with. OEM or Aftermarket (and if aftermarket - which brand)? I did pull the current plugs and they are all clean, but ..... they all have a "burn ring" at the base of the ceramic portion of the plug. What does this burn ring signify? Is the engine running hot or just these NGK plugs? Please see attached picture.

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The burn ring indicates that hydrocarbons have been burnt. That's typical. Google used spark plugs and you'll see that on many used plugs. What you want to do is check down where the plugs screw in for any oil pooling. If so then you might need a new valve cover gasket set to prevent oil leaking into the spark plug wells.

I would recommend NGK Iridium spark plugs over brands. I've tried several others and NGKs have performed the best on my TSX. Maybe others have had good experience with other brands, I'll let them chime in.
I agree with Litespeed08. Go with NGK's. I have a 2009 TSX with 249k it's still running strong. I only use tier 1 91 octane gas and OCD on regular maintenance. I do all my maintenance.
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