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Hi guys, i have a found multiple thread about clutch problem but i am not sure, its respond to my problems.
I've got a tsx 04 6MT, and i have problem with the clutch, like it doesn't disengage completely when i push the clutch down to the floor

The symptoms:
-All the gears (also the reverse)shift well until the car is hot
-Its impossible to engage in reverse when its hot, and every gear are hard to shift.
-A click sound on the pedal
-A strange feeling on the pedal when the car is hot
-When i've got the pedal to the floor, i shift in first gear and the car want to move
-When i do a clutch test, it doesn't slip

I've bought the clutch kit, its seems to be a big job to change the clutch and i am not even sure if its the clutch or the hydraulic clutch system that doesn't give enough pressure to the clutch that caused it doesn't disengage completely at 100%.
I dont want to put 10hour on the clutch and 500$ later to have the same problem.

-Master cylinder or the slave cylinder?
-The pressure plate or whatever in the clutch
-Air in the clutch hydraulic system?

I have bleed the system with my friend, its goes well for 5mins and the hard shifting come back and the reverse grinding, impossible to put it in.

Thank you for help!
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