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Dear all,

Just got an 05 3 weeks ago, love it. This site is GREAT for a new guy like me who don't know a lot of car care. Thank you for all the witty tips and tricks.

Driving on a highway the other day, all of a sudden there was a piece of pebble flying by. I saw it coming, could have turned abruptly to save my paint job! Heartbroken now :shock:

The flying pebble had scraped some paint, leaving a few white streaks on the front of hood cover. It's definitely not very deep, but the original "graphite" paint is gone, exposing the white "sub-paint" material beneath.

I heard there is a type of product in the market that you scrub at the local spot and it will sorta "dissolve" the neighbouring paint and fill in on top of the white sub-paint. Will that damage the body paint? Basically what's the best fix for this? h1e1l1p

Oh ... my God, please help!

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