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Need help/opinions on this issue

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Guys, help me out, thanks in advance!

here is the problem-> my car is the 2004 AT TSX, recently I smell some burning odor. I just ignore it because i have been driving my TSX for like over 9 years. I was assuming this was because I floor the TSx in the hot summer climate, which was normal.

however, today, I didn't floor the TSX at all. I was just cruising aroung 2500 - 3000 rpm with the AC on. But when I parked my TSX , I smell a very strong burning odor which I didn't feel comfortable at all. therefore, I open the hood to take a look. HOLY SMOKE, some real smoke did came out, and I notice the smoke was from the passenger side. the smell is like you go to the kitchen, fire up the pan to super HOT, and then add oil to the pan, and the oil quickly burnt into smoke.

I didn't see any fire, all I saw was a bit of smoke for like 2 seconds.

then I use the flashlight to check to see whats going on, I saw some oil on some tubes related to the power steering pump.

Because my TSx is a 2004 with warranty up to 2011. I pulled out my receipt, my dealership replaced the POWER STEERING PUMP on 2010 July 23rd.

Bad thing is that today is already 2013 August 8th, I'm worried that they will not responsible for fixing this issue under warranty. It looks like an expensive parts/labor to replace.

I'm gonna attached pictures, hope you guys provide me some correct advices.

curious if I ignore this issue, would the engine catch a fire some days?:fire:
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