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Need K24A2 engine for '06 TSX AT... Help!

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Hey guys I'm new on here so bear with me... My engine took a shit today, piston blew a hole in the block the size of my fist. Dealership wants $4,300 for a used motor installed. Anyone selling used K24a2 for AT with average miles? Also if anyone knows someone who does good work in the San Diego area let me know... Appreciate any offers/help/advice!
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The blown one had 83,000 miles on it. Dealer said the oil pump may have come loose.. It had oil but was not lubing. Freak incident, they said they have only seen it on rally cars. I had so many holes in my block it was insane. Swap is complete tho, thanks for the reply.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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