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Need Some Help/Solution

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Ok i've got a 06 tsx auto, the vsa light came on like a month ago and i just kept driving it, the next thing you know the car just dies!! like i mean everything just shuts off while i was driving. I know for sure its not the alternator, i just bought a brand new one from acura/honda online, yeah after i installed it ran for like 10 mins to charge the battery and then i tried turning the lights on and everything just started to flicker, then i put it into drive and the vsa light, abs light and the e-brake light all came on, i think one of my rear caliper is messed or ceased up, but i don't think it would cause the car to completely shut off would it?? anyways i don't feel like taking the car to the dealer and getting ripped off again, so please send some solutions!! thanks
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