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New ‘10 TXS owner. Maintenance advice

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I recently bought a 2010 TSX with 82K miles on it. Car runs good no issues. Please suggest me maintenance to do so that the car has a long and healthy life.
Thanks you
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About every 10K miles, you will get a notification on the dash that will be a letter and a number. For example A1 means you need an oil change.

Acura calls this the "Maintenance Minder". If you google it you will find lots of sites that tell you what the codes mean. Here's an example.

Acura Service Codes | Acura Maintenance Minder Guide | Motorcars

Most of the items can easily be done yourself. Transmission fluid change and brake fluid change are important and critical, so you may want to have the dealer do those.
I do oil changes every 5k, auto transmission fluid dump and fill (partial change) every 25-30k, brake fluid replacement every 2 years. Filters every year or 15k miles. Coolant now if it has never been done and every 5 years after that. My transmission fluid had not been touched by the time I bought it so I did a “dump and fill” with the first couple of oil changes.

At your car’s age/mileage, inspect the serpentine belt for dryness/cracking.

Spark plugs will be around 110k-120k

Bought mine at 76k, now about 164k. Burns no oil and has given me many trouble-free miles sticking to my own service schedule
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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